This Olympic gold medalist cheated in his doctoral thesis 😳😳😳

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Having a high degree is important if someone wants to have very high position in the society, or they want to be seen as elites in their environments.
Doctoral is one of the most wanted certificates by all students, but not everyone can achieve that level.
The article of today will talk about a scandal that started about eight years ago, and the hero of this scandal was a Taekwondo VIP, and well known as a  great champion.
The person involved in this big scandal was the former Taekwondo Champion and the gold medalist heavy weight champion Dae-Sung Moon.
Dae-Sung is a Korean Taekwondo champion who won three gold medal in three World Championships in Hong Kong 2000, Busan 2002 and Edmonton 1999, but the most prestigious medal the one he won in Athens Olympic Games 2004 (+80 Kg), when he knocked out the Greece fighter Alexandros Nikolaidis.
Dae Sung Moon received a doctoral certificate in 2007 from the Kookmin University, but after some investigations by the same university, they found out that he plagiarized most of the content of his doctoral thesis, and that he copied it from another scholar named Kim from Myongji University.
The doctoral of Dae-Sun Moon was cancelled by Kookmin University in march 2014.
Dae-Sun was a professor at Donga University in Busan, but when his doctoral was cancelled He resigned from the University as a teacher.
This scandal did not only cause damage to the good reputation he earned from Taekwondo, but also to his job as a professor.
Taekwondo as we have mentioned before is not only about kicking and punching but also about education and morals.