The morals and Taekwondo

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Taekwondo and the importance of morals

Taekwondo is not only teaching us how to kick, punch and defend our selves but also turn you into a good guy in the society.
The behavior of a taekwondo student says a lot about where they were taught the martial art, and this is a serious reason to be picky when looking for a Taekwondo school for your kids.
A good Taekwondo master should not neglect teaching the morals besides the martial art, and change the bad behaviors of the students.
Turning a normal person to a martial artist or a fighter and neglecting their behavior is similar to giving a weapon to someone who will use it in a wrong way.
Taekwondo practitioners in general, athletes, masters and grand masters should set up a good example in the society.
One of the good signs of the good attitude is to have control on our emotional reactions, and it happens to be dragged sometimes into a conflict,  which would be a big challenge for anyone to control the inner emotions.
We came across a video of Taekwondo Kyorugi where two athletes were sparring, but suddenly the World Taekwondo sparring style turned to be a mixed martial arts fight.
Both fighters got angry and lost control on their emotions and started punching each other.
This kind of behavior is such a shame for both athletes and also their coaches.
It seems these two athletes had some issue before this sparring, and they found the wrong way way to fix it.
It would be much better if they can resolve their anger through a clean Taekwondo sparring.
The sportsmanship is one of the important thing in martial arts and sports, which is missing in this Taekwondo sparring.
These behavior should be punished by the local unions or the national unions, because it is causing more damage to our martial art.
We honestly do not know which tournament was this, but according to the flags on the team shirts we think it happened somewhere in China.
Watch this video and feel free to share your opinions with us.

Or watch it through the link


  1. Not both. Red. Only one fighter turned this fight into an "man fight"...

  2. Red fighter is Not a sportsmen!!!

  3. they say its a harm to break the!

  4. Kick them out from the association. Bad example

  5. It’s the red. Pull leg and head punch.

  6. The blue fighter was only trying to protect himself. He shouldn't be punished

  7. After all, Chinese. Don’t fucked up Taekwondo anymore. Chinese don’t get along with Taekwondo, which is based on courtesy. Just do Kung fu.

  8. You must teach discipline as much as combat.

  9. I used to referee for blackbelt exams in South Korea. From what I can see in the short video is that red attacked with legal moves in with the intent to harm. Due to the referees quick action, I was unable to see if blue tried to fight back after the caller was made. If he did, then both should be penalised if not, then blue was only trying to defend himself from an unprovoked physical assault during a match. Red should be banned and his black belt stripped from him. Such a disgusting display and loss of control has no place in taekwondo.

  10. That man is not a sport fighter.he is streetfigher.

  11. that kid should be banned from all martial arts clubs. he doesn't deserve to learn martial arts because he will use it to anyone he encounters on the streets. he is a bully.