What really changed Jet Li look?

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Jet Li is a very known figure in martial arts movies, and he has a lot of fans and followers in all the world. Li inspired millions of martial artists no matter what style they are doing.
About two years ago, the fans were shocked to see the new look of their idol Jet Li with glasses and short gray hair, He looked too old for his real age.
Jet Li was only 55 years old when that picture was taken, and besides that we do know that martial artists in general look younger than their real age.
For those who are curious to know what was his sickness and we are glad to inform you that he does not have a life threatening condition. Li was dealing with Hyperthyroidism for 10 years.
The Hyperthyroidism happens when the thyroid gland produces a big quantity of thyroxine hormone. This health issue can cause weight loss and irregular heartbeat, Nervousness, anxiety and irritability, sweating, fatigue, muscle weakness, sleeping issues...
This Thyroid problem can be treated by changing the lifestyle or sometimes by a surgery (removing the thyroid).
This thyroid illness is most likely the main reason why we do not see Jet Li anymore in martial arts movies or in Hollywood films.
Besides that, Jet Li suffers from other health issues in his spinal and also legs because of the damages caused in filming the martial arts movies.
The important thing is that Li is okay and fine, and fans should not really worry because of one picture.
Jet Li is still working in movies even though we do not see him much.
In that year when the shocking photo went viral, Jet Li make a short film with the famous Alibaba founder Jack Ma, which is a message that he doing fine.
Jet Li he worked in Mulan movie that appeared in March 2020, and also had an interview with his long hair and he looked healthier.
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Be safe everyone .