Fake or real master??

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In every martial art there real masters and fake ones, some have enough knowledge and skill, while others have nothing but they pretend to be knowledgeable people. 
In most cases it is more about business than the self reputation, because pretending to have super natural powers would attract believers which is more money of course. 

We have seen some comments on internet of many people who believe that some '' masters'' can do what normal masters can not do. 
There is one common thing that makes these fake masters look like each other, all of them practice their techniques '' or whatever we can name them'' against their personal students who makes the mission of their master accomplished. 
Those fake master would never try to prove the efficiency of their techniques outside their dojo or schools, because they know they would be exposed. 

It happened that some of those super natural masters have accepted the challenge of real fighters, and it was so logical that the fights did not last even for minutes, and most of them ended up by a knock out or a knock down. 
To be fair we should mention that not every master is fake, and there few people in the world who can prove they can control their eternal energy and do impressive demonstrations. 
For example some shaolin monks perform some tricks that seems impossible for many people, but reaching that level was not easy at all, and what they got was a result of devoting their life to martial arts. 

We came across this video of this man man showing some  of his kung fu techniques, and his students seems to enjoy acting too :)
We have seen many fake masters in most martial arts and this one seems to be another one on the list.
lets watch this video and feel free to share your opinions.