The new Kukkiwon project

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The Intermediate Presentation of Global Taekwondo Online Platform in Kukkiwon 
Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters, conducts a total of Taekwondo research, education, Dan Promotion Test, and Dan Issuance. 

In order to keep pace with 4th Industrial Revolution, Kukkiwon is building a global Taekwondo platform to connect the world's Taekwondo masters, martial artists, Taekwondo scholars, Taekwondo organizations, and those who are interested in Taekwondo.
As of April 22, Cheon-taek Son, new acting president held an intermediate presentation of the global TKD online platform with the executives and advisers. 

This project will be completed next year, and Taekwondo people will be able to connect and communicate with each other at the Kukkiwon website of the World Taekwondo Headquarters.

Source: master Kwangmo Ko (FB Account)