Steven Seagal opinion about JCVD, Chuck Norris! You will be shocked

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Honestly this is the first time I hear a clear opinion in video and audio from Steven Seagal about some martial arts movie stars, including jean Claude van Damme, Chuck Norris...

I was really shocked the way he talked about them, for sure everyone had the right to have their personal opinion about anyone, but still we should have respect to them.

The way Steven Seagal is talking is clearly very arrogant, and he wanted to say that he is the best compared anyone of those stars, You can feel that during this interview.

The interviewer asked him if he knows Jean Claude Van Damme, and Seagal answer was a short No, He asked him if he heard about him and said yes he heard about him.

In another interview, He was asked about who he thinks he was the Hollywood tough guy, and it seemed that the great Steven Seagal do not see anyone as a tough guy, He may be right that some actors are just actors and have nothing to do with martial arts, but I do think that Seagal has no problem to be rude. 

His opinion about Jean Claude van Damme was very clear, he thinks he is not a tough guy.

He was asked about Chuck Norris but Steven tried to pick carefully his words because probably he did not want to say some stupidity, and replied that Chuck Norris is an old guy in his seventies, which equal to the answer that Chuck also is not a tough guy :)

These interviews prove that Steven Seagal is simply very jealous from the success that Jean Claude Van Damme had, and honestly as an actor, JCVD is a great entertainer compared to Seagal, especially that JCVD is an expert of kicks, and with his amazing flexibility JCVD impressed millions of Fans in 1980s.

We are not trying to make a comparison between Karate and Aikido or to prove that one is better than the other, but we are talking about who was good more to promote their martial art on the movies.

Watch this video and you will listen and watch what this man is talking about :)