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This would be the first time that Olympic games take place without spectators, and everyone knows that the covid19 waves affected everything on the planet, including the international and national sportive events.

The Olympic games event was cancelled three times before Tokyo games in 2020. The first time was during the first world war, and twice during the second world war.

"It is regrettable that we are delivering the Games in a very limited format, facing the spread of coronavirus infections," Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said.

"I am sorry for those who purchased tickets."

I personally think that the presence of spectators is the major factor in the success of any sportive event, and the athletes performance is affected by the thousands of fans supporting them.

Big events like Olympics should be done the right and old fashioned way of better to be cancelled. Even athletes would miss the the presence of the most important component of the Olympic games, and it is really weird to compete in a big stadium where you can hear your coach voice only :(

There is a fear in Japan that thousands of athletes and officials will spread the infections especially that less than 20% of the population is vaccinated.

Experts said that organizing the games without spectators would safer.

All these big decisions will affect the revenue from the big event, and it could be even losing money. 

''International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach, who chaired Thursday's talks after arriving in Tokyo earlier in the day, told reporters that strict and successful measures were in place.

Underscoring the last-minute nature of Olympic preparations, which had left sponsors frustrated, organizers presented various spectator scenarios to sponsors as late as Wednesday, according to sources.

Sponsors were told that in the case of no spectators, all sports and opening and closing ceremonies would likely be held without fans, meaning tickets allocated to sponsors could not be used.

The absence of crowds seems certain to further strain the Games' budget, which has already blown out to an estimated $15.4 billion, with ticket revenues of about $815 million set to dwindle to close to zero.'' Source >> reuters

What do you think about Olympics without spectators?