Connor McGregor goes home with a broken leg

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 Connor McGregor left the octagon with a broken leg

The first fight between Dustin Poirier and Connor McGregor was held in Las Vegas 2014, and Connor won that fight by a technical knockout (punches) after only 1 minute and 446 seconds from the first round.

The two will meet again in Au Dhabi after seven years from their first fight, and this time the win will be for Dustin, who managed to finish his fight by a technical knockout (punches) after 2 minutes and 32 seconds from the second round.

After 6 months in July 10, 2021, the two meet again for the third time, and this one would be different than the last two fights.

Dustin seemed to be very ready for this fight, and we can see that even before the incident.

Connor kicked Dustin and put his foot on the ground then a terrible twist happened, Connor broke his leg -_-

According to Dustin, he said that he felt something when he blocked Connor's kick but he was not sure, and if we watch the video again, we can see that blocking the kick was probably the cause of the fracture.

No matter if we are fans of Connor or not, but we do not wish anything like that to happen to him or to any fighter.

The bad thing after all is that the end got ugly again, and even with his broken leg, Connor started talking so bad using his vulgar terminology again..

He talked so bad about Dustin's wife inside the octagon and in front of the spectators, that is sad.

It seems that Connor needs time to fix his broken leg if he wants to come back, and most importantly to fix his behavior and words, because martial arts are not about fighting only.

What do you think about this fight?