Fake Taekwondo black belts

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Here we go again with the fake masters of Taekwondo.

Black belt in western culture can be seen as a very high level in martial arts, and many people put it as the highest level they may ever achieve.

 Here we go again with falling and falling 😢

First of all we should remind everyone that failing is not shame at all, and failure is the best teacher you may ever have.

Not being able to perform a certain technique in Taekwondo is okay, and failing to break hard stuff can be accepted too. But there should be limits. 

Once a student earn their black belt after so many years of practice, they become able to perform Taekwondo techniques and master the basic movements of the martial art. We are not talking about perfection because in my opinion perfection does not exist.

Practicing martial arts techniques would help you to be able to apply them in combat or in Kyukpa. This is what we have learned from Taekwondo.

It is clear that schools are very different in their teachings and practices. Some schools are honestly teaching weird Taekwondo 😂 and we can see that through their students, and we can not blame students for that, because they are practicing what they have been taught 🤷‍♂️ 

Becoming a black belt means that the student got some important skills in martial arts, and it would be shame if the practitioner wasted so many years in Taekwondo training without good result.

We came across this crazy video and thought to share it with you. The black belts on the video belong to Kukkiwon academy.

This looks like a test where these men holding black belts with many stripes are trying to perform different types of Kyukpa. 

As you can see on the video, there two types of breaking (Kyukpa), one is power breaking and the second is technical where that man was trying to kick a piece of wood by a back kick (dwit chagi).



  1. HA! HA! OH! MY GOD!LOL! I could break Five one inch boards with a spinning side Kick! NO problem at 155 LBS

  2. Direct effect of I watched it on TV while eating cupcakes and drinking soda.

  3. What’s sad is that these guys might try their techniques in an actual self defense situation and get hurt.

  4. I'm so sorry for him.

  5. This is a insult to the rank of black belt... If this one's are black belt; what will happen to white belts????

    Shame on you...

    If I catch you eh, I go na naka na wetin no good for both of una.

  6. What gives you the impression that these so-called Black Belts "belong to Kukkiwon academy" or that they have any connection to Kukkiwon whatsoever. It is clear that these people have been poorly trained (if at all) by someone who is unqualified and uncertified as an Instructor with any reputable, accredited Taekwondo Association. I would doubt that they have any Black Belt Dan certificate outside of their own club's printed certificate, and not likely any Kukkiwon credentials. I'm a World Chung Do Kwan 8th Dan, and my color belt students can perform better than this.