Taekwondo terminology- 2nd Part

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Kukkiwon Taekwondo Dictionary

Blocking  (Makgi 막기)

Blocks are by far the largest group of techniques and also the hardest to name. There are 

different ways to name the same blocking technique. There are long names and short cuts to 

naming many of the blocks. The basic format for naming a block is: body part (inner forearm, 

outer forearm, hand blade) + target (body, face) + direction (in, out, side, down). This can lead 

to long names for some blocks that are then shortened for common usage. The terms “knife 

hand” and “hand blade” are interchangeable as are “ridge hand” and “reverse hand blade”. The 

more common English usage is “knife hand” and “ridge hand”, while the more correct translation 

is “hand blade” and “reverse hand blade”.

Arc hand block Ageum son makgi

아금 손 막기

Assisted block Geodeureo makgi

거들어 막기

 Assisted inner forearm face block Geodeureo eolgul makgi

거들어 얼굴 막기

 Assisted low block Geodeureo naeryeo makgi (new term

거들어 내려 막기

Geodeureo arae makgi (old term)

거들어 아래 막기

 Assisted outer forearm body block Geodeureo momtong makgi

거들어 몸통 막기

Body block {done with the arm of the rear foot in 

forward or walking stance} (trunk block, front block)

Momtong an makgi

몸통안 막기

Bow wrist block Kuppin son-mok makgi

굽힌 손목 막기

Bow wrist lifting body block Kuppin son momtong ch’ukhyo makgi

굽힌손 몸통 추켜 막기

Bull block (Shipjin #1) Hwang-so makgi

황소 막기

Crane diamond block (Keumgang #8) Hakdari keumgang makgi

학다리 금강 막기

Cross block Otgoreo makgi

엇갈려 막기

Cross underneath block (Taegeuk 7 Jang #16 and 


Otgoreo naeryeo makgi (new term)

엇갈려 내려 막기

Otgoreo arae makgi (old term)

엇갈려 아래 막기

Diamond block Keumgang makgi

금강 막기

 Diamond outer block Keumgang Bakkat makgi

금강바깥 막기

 Diamond inner forearm middle block (Taebaek #9)

Keumgang an palmok momtong makki

금강안 팔목몸통막기

Drawing up block Kkureo olligi makgi

그려 올리기 막기

Face block (high block) Ollyeo makgi (new term)

올려 막기

Eolgul makgi (old term)

얼굴 막기

Face wedging block Eolgul hech’o makgi

얼굴 헤쳐 막기

Foot blade low block (leg checking) Arae pada makgi

아래 바다 막기

Front block (outside to inside block) Momtong an makgi

몸통안 막기

Hand blade block (knife hand guard block, twin knife 

hand block)

Geodeureo Sonnal makgi

거들어손날 막기

Hand blade face cross block (high knife hand x-block) Sonnal eolgul otgoreo makgi

손날 얼굴 엇갈려 막기

Hand blade low block (low knife hand guard block) Geodeureo Sonnal naeryeo makgi

(new term)

거들어 손날 내려 막기

Geodeureo Sonnal arae makgi (old 


거들어 손날 아래 막기

Hand blade wedging body block Sonnal momtong hech’o makgi

손날 몸통 해쳐 막기

High hand blade x-block Sonnal eolgul otgoreo makgi

손날 얼굴 엇갈려 막기

Inner block An palmok makgi

안 팔목 막기

Inner forearm face outer block An palmok eolgul bakkat makgi

안 팔목얼굴 바깥막기

Inner forearm twist block An palmok bit’ureo makgi

안 팔목 비틀어막기

Inner wedging block An palmok hech’o makgi

안 팔목 헤쳐 막기

Inside to outside block (outer block) Bakkat makgi

바깥 막기

Inward foot arch body block (inward crescent kick) Momtong an ch’onae makgi

몸통 안쳐내 막기

Knife hand guard block (Hand blade block, twin knife 

hand block) (Taegeuk 4 Jang #1 and 3)

Geodeureo Sonnal makgi

거들어손날 막기

Knife hand low block (Single blade hand low block)

(Koryo #25-2)

Sonnal naeryeo makgi (new term)

손날 내려 막기

Sonnal arae makgi (old term)

손날 아래 막기

Knife hand outer block (Single blade hand block)

(Taegeuk 3 Jang #7)

Sonnal makgi

손날 막기

Low block (Taegeuk 1 Jang) Naeryeo makgi (new term)

내려 막기

Arae makgi (old term)

아래 막기

Low twist block Naeryeo bit’ureo makgi (new term)

내려비틀어 막기

Arae bit’ureo makgi (old term)

아래 비틀어 막기

Low wedging block (Taegeuk 6 Jang) Naeryeo hech’o makgi (new term


Arae hech’o makgi (old term)

아래 헤쳐막기

Low x-block (Shipjin) Otgoreo naeryeo sonnal makgi (new


엇갈려 내려손날 막기

Otgoreo arae Sonnal makgi (old term)

엇갈려 아래 손날 막기

Mountain block Sant’ul makgi

산틀 막기

Outer block (inside to outside block) Bakkat makgi

바깥 막기

Outer forearm face block Bakkat palmok eolgul an makgi

바깥 팔목 얼굴안 막기

Outer forearm face side block Bakkat palmok eolgul yeop makgi

바깥 팔목 얼굴옆 막기

Outer forearm face twist block Bakkat palmok eolgul bit’ureo makgi

바깥 팔목 얼굴 비틀어막기

Outside to inside block Momtong an makgi

몸통 안 막기

Outward kick face block (outward crescent kick) Eolgul bakkat ch’onae makgi

얼굴 바깥 쳐내 막기

Palm assisting side block Son badak geodeureo bakkat makgi

손바닥 거들어 바깥 막기

Palm block Batang son makgi

바탕 손 막기

Palm body lifting block Batang son ch’uk’yo makgi

바탕손 추켜 막기

Palm pressing block Batang son nullo makgi

바탕손 눌러 막기

Reverse foot blade (arch) lifting block Anuro kodeo naegi makgi

안으로 걷어내기 막기

Reverse hand blade guard block (ridge hand guarding 


Sonnal deung eolgul makgi

손날등 얼굴 막기

Reverse hand blade low block (low section ridge hand 


Sonnal deung naeryeo makgi (new 


손날 등내려막기

Sonnal deung arae makgi (old term)

손날 등아래막기

Reverse hand blade wedging block (Shipjin #16) Sonnal deung hech’o makgi

손날 등헤쳐막기

Scissors block (Taegeuk 7 Jang #12-13) Kawi makgi

가위 막기

Shin underneath block Jeong gangyi bada makgi

정강이 바다 막기

Side block Yeop makgi

옆 막기

Side rising kick face block Eolgul yeopcha ollyeo makgi

얼굴 옆차 올려 막기

Single blade hand block (knife hand block) Sonnal makgi

손날 막기

Single blade hand low block (knife hand low block) Sonnal naeryeo makgi (new term)

손날 내려 막기

Sonnal arae makgi (old term)

손날 아래 막기

Single hand wide open block We sant’ul makgi

외산틀 막기

Target block Pyojeok makgi

표적 막기

Trunk block (front block) Momtong an makgi

몸통 안 막기

Twin knife hand block (Knife hand guard block, Hand 

blade block)

Geodeureo Sonnal makgi

거들어손날 막기

Twist block Bit’ureo makgi

비틀어 막기

Underneath pull out block Mit’huro ppaegi makgi

밑으로 빼기 막기

Upward pull out block Wiro ppaegi makgi

위로 빼기 막기

Wedging block Hech’o makgi

헤쳐 막기