This is not ballet, this is the real Taekwondo

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 Taekwondo Kyorugi has changed because the training its self also changed dramatically, and everything we watch in the world championships is a result  of the training that the pro athletes do in their dojangs.

And we are not here to blame athletes or masters for this dramatic and huge change, because this seems bigger than them.

The organization that has most of the authority over the Taekwondo competition is responsible about anything happening in Taekwondo.

we never thought that one day, some other martial artists would call Taekwondo by another name such as Ballet, we did not expect that even in our nightmares. We are not trying to make fun of Ballet, it is a respected sport but comparing a martial art to it would make Taekwondo ridiculous.

We came across a beautiful training video, where we can see some Korean athletes training for kyorugi, wearing their Hogus (chest protectors), and doing some tough sparring with real kicks, we can see them also kicking the pads, the strength and speed can be seen clearly.

In this video that was filmed in 1997, we can see power and the beauty of Taekwondo.

Few years after that era, the WTF was creating rules like mushroom which had a direct  effect on Taekwondo.

We can not neglect that many practitioners like the new version of Taekwondo, but there is also a huge percentage of people who miss the old days Taekwondo and wish to see a come back of the real Taekwondo.

Watch this impressive Taekwondo video and feel free to share your thoughts with us, your opinions matter :)


  1. I will never understand why there is no punch to the head in olympic style taekwondo.

    1. Two possible reasons. Japanese Karate tournaments didn't allow it at one point (even Kyokushin) because bare hands make a mess of the face (and the hands). Secondly, it makes the emphasis on kicking, showcasing the feature of TKD.

  2. Looks like a chicken fight. Don't understand why they don't block the kicks with there hands.Taekwondo is a money scam They dont show you how to defend yourself

    1. That is noth what they are practising in this vid. Apart from that, do you really think you can block some of those kicks with an arm?

  3. WTF is "Sport TKD" (Even ITF needed rules) Safety measure have been put in place. Real TKD is what the Korean armies use, Not what most public see! (I am Black Belt in both)