Ahmad Abughaush arrested

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We did not want to update you about the Olympic champion Ahmad Abughaush till we find many sources that say the same thing.
Unfortunately it is conformed that Ahmad AbuGhaush was arrested by the Public Security Directorate (PSD) in his country Jordan. This news was confirmed by the spokesperson of the PSD Friday and also said that Abughaush was not detained for Olympic or sports reasons as some rumors were claiming.

In our previous article we have said that the Jordanian Olympian had announced that he decided to retire from the international competitions and he will no longer represent his National taekwondo team. His announcement was posted on his official Facebook page last Thursday.
It is also strange that The Jordan Taekwondo Federation that they were not officially informed about the decision of Ahmad Abughaush to retire, and they have no idea about the reasons and motives behind it.
The Jordanian Taekwondo Federation was not able to contact the National team member Abughaush since his arrest.

The federation knew that their athlete had some issues for more than two months but they did not get involved as a respect for the privacy of their athlete.
Ahmad Abughaush did not commit any crime, and he was arrested because his parents did some mistake in government documents, and they arrested him because he is a gendarmery athlete.
This still looks strange and weird, and maybe there are other untold reasons behind all this case.
There are some news that say that his coach is behind all this drama, especially that Ahmad Abughaush wanted to change his coach.. 
The days will tell us more about this matter and things will be clear.
What do you think about this? Have you heard anything different that what we did mention in this article?

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