The monk who escaped in USA and introduced Shaolin Kung Fu to Americans

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 In 1992 something magical happened in the new history of Shaolin Kung Fu.

During a Shaolin demonstration tour in the United States, one Shaolin monk escaped from the Chinese team in their last demonstration in San Francisco.

Shifu Shi Yan Ming was born Duan Gen Shan in Zhumadian in Henan Province, China on  February 13, 1964.

Ming started his training at the shaolin temple in Henan at the age of five,  He was a 34th generation of Shaolin warrior monk. 

He had a very hard childhood because his family was very poor and even two of his brothers died of starvation, this fact would be enough to explain how his life was.

Shi Yan almost died when he was two or three years and even the doctors could not do anything to him, but luckily one acupuncturist saved his life

 At the age of twenty eight he was selected to be among the shaolin monks who would travel to the United States to perform Shaolin Kung Fu demonstrations. 

Shi Yan Ming told one magazine that he had the American dreams, and 

that he was limited too much in his country which is different to the United States where people have more freedom and can do whatever they do.

What I really do not understand in this story and his reasons is that shaolin monks are trained and raised in the temples, which make them more religious and like the simple life more, but this monk revealed what we did not know by escaping.

Shi Yan Ming studied kung fu, Chan Buddhism, and acupuncture during his stay at the Shaolin Temple.

Two years later in 1994, Shi Yan Ming founded the first Shaolin Temple in the United States in China Town (New York).

Shi yan is considered as the Father of American Shaolin Kung Fu, and he had trained hundreds of students in both Buddhism and Kung Fu.