The only recorded real boxing fight of Bruce Lee

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The only recorded real boxing fight of Bruce Lee 
                                 Picture from YouTube 

We were surprised and kind of shocked in a good way to find this video about Bruce Lee.

Whie many people say that Bruce Lee never fought before and that he is good only in movies and did not have skills for the real fighting or competition, we found this video talking about the only recorded boxing fight of Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee started Wing Chun with the grand master Ip Man, and one year later he was transferred to another school due to his street fight issues.
Two years later in 1958, Lee was mentored by the teacher and boxing coach of the school team brother Edward.
At the age id 18 in March 29th, 1958 Bruce Lee participated in Hong Kong Kong schools Boxing tournament.
Bruce Lee made his way to the final and fought against the previous champion.

His opponent was strong and the fight lasted three rounds and Bruce Lee declared winner. 

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