A shocking mess inside Kukkiwon walls (2013)

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After watching this video for the first time, it was a shock to see thus mess happening inside the walls if Kukkiwon. We could not understand the Korean language guage to understand what is happening, so we asked someone who speaks both Korean and English to translate it for us.

In this video we can see also the grand master Lee Kyu Hyung just couple of months before they elect him as the Kukkiwon president, but he would resign just couple of months later, maybe because of Kukkiwon politic issues, and this video can give ys a small image about the situation sometimes. 

This is the translation of what happened.
Non sense incident! Shit on shrine of taekwondo, trash terror!
This scandalous event happened on May 2013.

Special corporate body Kukkiwon 2nd board limping due to the 1st meeting having been in a mess. It was dismissed due to a chaos even before starting the opening.
Suddenly taekwondo citizen union thrust into, indicating the board's incompetence and problems, throwing shit.
The board could not continue the meeting.

The union said "the board is full of unscrupulous people who abandoned their colleagues. They have to resign, as they have no right to be. Also government has intention to integrate taekwondo association and Kukkiwon. Some of executives agree with it." Persueing the reasons of censure condemn.

Executive Kuksun Han said "it was absolutely wrong today. There is no justification. It was for the 1st meeting by this board. They could have criticized or condemned after seeing the meeting.

Opinions are split depending on interests. Most of the people shook their heads, saying that there was no such a significant problem to throw shit and they went too far.

Special thanks to Mr. K. Harrison for the translation