Fake grand master exposed by National Geographic TV

 The internet is full of videos of people or martial artists pretending to have super powers, and most of them are demonstrating their abilities with their loyal students who make the story of their master so real.

These master mostly are not accepting challengers because they know they are fake, and some of them were beaten up by real fighters.

George Dilman is one of those masters who were exposed, and luckily for him that it was only by TV and not by a fighter.

George Dillman is an American Karate master, born in November 23, 1942. He is popular for using pressure points. His style is called  Ryukyu kempo karate.

Dillman began martial arts training in 1961 with Harry G. Smith. He went on to study with Daniel K. Pai, Robert Trias, Seiyu Oyata, Hohan Soken, Wally Jay and Muhammad Ali.

Dillman is the co-author of several martial arts books co-written with Chris Thomas, including Kyusho-Jitsu: The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting; Advanced Pressure Point fighting of Ryukyu Kempo; Advanced Pressure Point Grappling: Tuite; and Pressure Point Karate Made Easy. He has also produced a DVD instructional series on pressure point technique.

Dillman has espoused the use of chi manipulation to cause touchless knockouts and other effects. Such techniques have never been proven. Investigator Joe Nickell recounts when Massimo Polidoro and Luigi Garlaschelli investigated Dillman for the TV show Is It Real?. They set up a large curtain and stationed one of Dillman's students behind it, unable to see when Dillman attempted to send his chi punches at him. The student did not react to the chi and "simply stood looking puzzled, awaiting the chi force that never came". Polidoro and Garlaschelli speculated that "the feat depended on the power of suggestion". When Dillman attempted to knock Garlaschelli over with chi powers, Garlaschelli stated that when his (Garlaschelli's) eyes were closed it was easier to lose balance, so Garlaschelli kept his eyes open and Dillman was unable to knock him over.

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