The Moroccan Taekwondo fighter who moved to Muay Thai

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Hassan El kassrioui is a Moroccan Taekwondo athlete, he had many Taekwondo titles before thinking to take the decision of his life by moving to Kickboxing and Muay-Thai. 

He had a great journey in Muay-Thai, and he won many world titles also in it. 
It was not easy for him because he had to fight against many dangerous fighters in his era, including the best Ramon Deckers was a real killer in the ring, and both athletes met each other at least twice. 
In his fights, Hassan was using Taekwondo kicks, and his style was beautiful and entertaining, and he was good at using back kicks, back spinning kicks... 
When we were looking for his records online we did not find really much, but there are a lot of videos of his world championships. 
We are posting about athletes who did Taekwondo and moved to other martial arts to prove that our art is simply impressive, and those who try to spread the soft way of Taekwondo are just causing damage to the martial art. 

Let's watch👇👇👇