Taekwondo 11th Dan Supreme grand master

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 Taekwondo 11th Dan Supreme grand master

It is not familiar in Taekwondo to hear that someone holds the 10th Dan rank, and very few grand masters were awarded by that honoring rank, and those grand masters could be around 10 people or even less (not sure about the right number).
But what do you thing if we tell you that there is a Taekwondo Korean grand master is holding the 11th Dan in Taekwondo? Well, there is one and he could be the only one.
To achieve that level is not something that anyone can dream about, because it is not only about the skill, nor the experience of many years in Taekwondo, but there are other factors that makes the grand master deserves that rank, and one of the important factors is what you did for Taekwondo.
The person we are talking about is the great grand master Bok Man Kim who was born December 3, 1934 in Korea.
He started his martial arts journey by practicing the old traditional art Taekyun at the age of seven (in 1941).
At the age of 16 he joined the military and he later started teaching unarmed fighting techniques. but after twelve years in the army, he would retire in 1962 to devote his life to Taekwondo. He was the person to be listed Taekwondo instructor by the Korean government in 1963.
After one year he went to Malaysia to perform 
a demonstration and organized the Malaysian Taekwondo association. In the same year he went to Singapore  and also helped to create the Singapore Taekwondo Association.
Grand master organized any Taekwondo associations in Asia such in Hong Kong, Brunei and Thailand and in Europe he established Taekwondo Associations in Portugal, Poland, Holland, France and United Kingdom, also in Africa he organized the Taekwondo associations in Both Uganda and Kenya, and he also helped to organize the Australian Taekwondo Association.
In 1970 he founded the Philippines Taekwondo Association after being invited by the Philippines president. in 1973 the Sarawak government invited him and after a successful demonstration he organized the Sarawak Taekwondo association.
He opened his first Taekwondo school in the united States in 1990.
Supreme grand master Bok Man Kim taught Taekwondo for 58 years which is a very high record to achieve.
For those interested to see more pictures about GM Bok Man, we inform you that is still active on Facebook and also 
you can find a lot about him on other websites and also Wikipedia.
We hope you have learning a bit from today's article. Be safe everyone.
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  1. To GM Kim Bok Man,
    I am so glad that I came across this video. I am not sure if you will remember me as your very first student in Makati, Philippines. I am happy to see you GM Bok Man...
    Respectfully... Eugene

  2. Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha founded the UKTA in United Kingdom not GM Kim Bok Man - sorry to correct you

  3. In Portugal the founder is GM Chung Sun Yong, in 1974.

  4. 9th Dan highest while alive. 10th Dan when you die. Per Kilukkiwon. 11th Dan is fake.

  5. 11th dan little much

  6. Eu sou professor de Taekwondo, na verdade são 9° Dan, o 10° Dan você recebe ele pelo trabalho que você fez e está fazendo pelo Taekwondo 11° Dan não existe, fala sério!!.

  7. James Byron Chan...PNG TAE KWON DOMay 1, 2024 at 8:44 AM