How to become a certified Kukkiwon Taekwondo master?

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How to become a certified Kukkiwon Taekwondo master?
Taekwondo instructors always need special training to keep them updated about the changes happening in Taekwondo and also a general correction to their techniques if needed.
Being trained under Kukkiwon Taekwondo grand masters is the best thing if you want to practice and learn the basics of the Korean martial art.
The World Taekwondo Academy or Kukkiwon always hire the most skillful masters to teach Taekwondo basic techniques in the Kukkiwon establishment or sending them abroad to other countries.
To be certified from the Kukkiwon as a Taekwondo master is an amazing thing.
This course to obtain a Taekwondo master in Taekwondo in organized in Korea (in the Kukkiwon) or sometimes outside Korea. It is organized in Africa, Europe, Asia and USA.
i personally prefer the course held in Korea for many reasons, In Korea you can learn more about the Korean culture, traditions and the people aesthetics there, and also it feels good to train and learn from the grand masters in the home land of Taekwondo.
The International Taekwondo Master period is 40 hours in five days, composed of four parts: Taekwondo theories (history and coaching), Taekwondo practical training (Poomsaes and Kyorugi), Self defense training, and special Taekwondo lectures from grand masters.
There are three levels or classes in this course.
- The third class:
The candidate should be a kukkiwon 4th Dan
- The second class:
Holder of the Kukkiwon 6th Dan with 3rd class Instructor is Certificate
- The first class:
Candidate must be holder of the Kukkiwon 8th Dan with 2nd class Instructor is Certificate or, holder of the Kukkiwon 9th Dan with Instructor is Certificate.
After the course is completed the candidates should do a test, one is practical in the poomsae and the other one is a writing test (about Taekwondo history … )
The course fee will be around 300 US$ or more, the Kukkiwon will be the one to decide :)
This video is an example of the master course training:


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