What makes Poomsae that important?

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Is really poomasae that important in Taekwondo?

Taekwondo as a martial art is not composed only from the fighting part, but also the self defense, Kyukpa and poomsae, But we can see that many practitioners focus on one thing and ignore the other parts of Taekwondo. 
Some athletes prefer to keep most of their training time to improve their fighting skills, but if you evaluate their level in poomsae or basic techniques you may be shocked -_-
it is good to specialize in one field but it is not an excuse to have no basic knowledge in the other fields.
Many practitioners do not really understand the importance of poomsae practice, and the physical and mental benefits you can get in return.
The poomsae practice helps you to exercise safely, strengthen your muscles, improve your stamina and can be helpful for those interested to lose weight.
Poomsae practice is not easy and it also requires a breathing work, and it is important to know when you should breath out or in during the execution of the techniques (slow or fast techniques). 
The good thing about poomsae is the fact that is not limited by a certain age, and we can see many people over 60s or even 70s enjoying practicing their forms.
It is interesting that the World taekwondo decided to create a Poomsae Wold Championships, that was a great opportunity for people who left the competition for many years to come back again and compete in a different field.