This is the only non Korean grand master holding Taekwondo 10th Dan

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 This is the only non Korean grand master who holds the Taekwondo 10th Dan

In all Taekwondo history there are only few people that succeeded to reach the highest ranks (8th, 9th), but to reach the 10th Dan would be a big deal, and it wont matter if it is only a honorary rank.
The high ranks in Taekwondo sometimes are not achieved by the training only, but also with the contribution that develops Taekwondo for example.
The only non Korean grand master holding the honorary 10th Dan in Taekwondo was the American martial arts master named Edward B.Sell.
Gm Edward B. Sell was born February 5, 1942 in Florida, His main style is Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo, and his teachers were grand master Park and grand master Hae Man.
The World Taekwondo Federation recognized  him as the only non Korean Chung Do Kwan ninth Dan in Taekwondo, therefore the highest Non Asian grand master in the world.
Grand master Edward was the first American competitor in the Taekwondo National championships held in Seoul 1963, and after four years exactly on August 18, 1967 he started the Korean Taekwondo Association of America, and after seven years, He changed the name of that association to The United sates Chung Do Kwan Association. 
His wife Brenda is the current president of the American CDK Association.
After two years he published his book ''Forces of Taekwondo'' which is the first American Taekwondo training manual.
He was also certified as an international referee at the first national championships in Kukkiwon in 1973. 
GM Edward as the coach of the United States team in 1973.
Moreover, the South Korean government declared him as an American living legend.
Grand master Edward B. Sell has a Taekwondo family and most of them are holding high degrees in Taekwondo, his wife Brenda J. Sell holds the Kukkiwon ninth Dan which makes her the highest ranked non Korean in Taekwondo, their son Ronald sell holds the seventh Dan black belt, while the other son Robert Sell hold also the the 7th Dan black belt. Also Raymond Sell, the brother of GM Edward held the master's degree in Taekwondo.
In the other hand, the brother of his wife Brenda mark Begley hold the Taekwondo eight Dan black belt.
Grand master Edward B. Sell died February 5, 2014.