The Olympian Ahmad Abughaush retires at the age of 24

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The World Taekwondo Federation community will be shocked that one of its elite athletes decided to retire so young. We are talking about the Jordanian Taekwondo athlete Ahmad Abughaush.
Abughaush is the first and only athlete from Arabic countries to win a gold medal in the Taekwondo Olympic games. 
His best appearance was in Rio De Janero in 2016, when he won the gold medal (- 68 Kg), after beating many respectful athletes.
No one at the time expected unknown athlete to win the gold medal especially with the presence of great athletes such as Daehoon Lee who had a very impressive record in the World Taekwondo championships.
Daehoon Lee was one of the favorites and many were expecting him to win that gold medal during that Olympics.
Lately we have heard few rumors sometime ago about his retirement but we were not sure about it.
Ahmad Abughaush, the only athlete that brought an Olympic medal to his country, announced that on his Official Facebook account yesterday that he will no longer represent his country internationally, and that he decided to retire from Taekwondo competition.
This does not seem to be a normal thing for a young athlete to retire at the age of 24 years old, and athlete who is still competing and winning.
Ahmad Abughaush for sure has reasons that he prefers to keep for himself.
Only the days will reveal the right reasons that forced Ahmad Abughaush
 to retire so early. 
We will update you about this matter once we know the real truth behind this shocking retirement. 
What do you guys think about the retirement of Ahmad Abughaush?
Is it a personal decision  or do you think there are other reasons behind his decision?
Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts with us.
Your opinions matter.