Amazing self defense between a master and a little kid

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Kids in martial arts schools should be treated by love and kindness, and every master should be a second parent for their students.

The kids are learning more when the master or the instructor treat them as their kids, and the school should be a family environment  full of respect.

We came a cross a video where we can see a master having fun with a very little kid, This little kid is performing a  very nice self defense with the 99% help of this Taekwondo master.

This type of self defense is used a lot in the Japanese Aikido and the master here seems to have a knowledge in that, and his way of falling without hurting the little kid is really amazing.

This video is not only funny but instructional because it is showing another way to make young kids love the martial arts school.

Kids at that age get bored if you try to teach them through the old fashioned way, but they learn more by playing.

The masters who do not understand the differences of ages and who have no knowledge about kids pedagogy won't succeed to teach anything to their kids.

watch and enjoy :)

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