Kung Fu vs Taekwondo Knockout

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 This is another fight between Taekwondo and another martial art.

The article today is about a fight between a Taekwondo black belt and a Kung Fu ''Master''.

This fight was held in China and it is one of those fights that was kind of a scandal because it was exposing the traditional martial arts and show them to public as ridiculous fighting styles.

The big problem with the Chinese traditional martial arts is that most of them are not organizing sparring competitions, while they have the forms competitions.

In the other hand, the modern fighting styles focused more on improving the sparring and fighting skills, and turned the techniques to be real and not only for show purposes.

The Traditional Chinese martial arts are really entertaining whenever they make a demonstration, and these shows are sometimes are promoting these traditional styles as deadly forms of martial arts. We are not here to say that the traditional styles are fake and the martial artists are the best promoters for their styles.

Taekwondo is a very new and modern martial art compared to the Chinese Kung Fu, but it is one of the fighting arts that founded a sparring competition.

The fight of today is between a new style and a traditional old style.

The two fighters stepped on the ring, the Taekwondo fighter seemed very confident about him self, especially when he discovered that the Kung Fu ''master'' could not even block his kicks.

The kung Fu guy was walking on the ring and did not look like he was in a fight, and honestly we did not see any of Kung Fu techniques on the ring or any martial arts technique, and it was one side fight, and the Taekwondo fighter knocked him out in less than 40 seconds.

Tell s what do you think about this fight?