Muay Tai knocked out a wing chun master

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The Wing Chun movie Ip Man went viral and many martial artists loved it, and also got to know more about Bruce Lee's master. The movie may not be real 100% but it was great and entertaining, but it seems that it has over inspired many Wing Chun practitioners and encouraged them to challenge other fighting styles or compete in mixed martial arts fights.

Wing Chun is a traditional martial art founded by a woman as the legend says, It is the base of the martial art that Bruce Lee founded later.

Wing Chun style can not be used in its traditional form in an MMA competition, and it would be a wrong thing to think that the competition is a movie.

Muay Thai fighters are well prepared for real fights and they can manage to fight against strong fighters from different styles.

Ip Man film probably showed an exaggerated image about the effectiveness of the the traditional Chinese fighting styles, 

 which made Wing Chun practitioners have over self confidence to try their styles in real full contact fights.

The Chinese Wing Chun focus more on the use of hand techniques and the kicks are not developed compared to Taekwondo, Muay Thai or Karate.

We came across this fight between Wing Chun practitioner or master against a Muay Thai fighter, and we thought to share it with you.

The fight started and i really did not know why the Wing Chun guy is there, and he looked like he was there to be kicked and punched. In the other hand the Muay Thai fighter knows why he is on that ring.

After one minute and 15 seconds, the Muay Thai fighter knocked out the Wing Chun guy easily.

The Muay Thai fighter looks lighter but his legs and upper body muscles say a lot about his training, while the Wing Chun guy is bigger but has no fighting skills.

Watch this fight and feel free to tell us what do you think about this fight.


  1. He shouldn't have been in that ring

  2. The lowest class of a Muay Thai against a Wing Chun master.

    Who classifies Masters for Wing Chun anyways? That master obviously had no fighting skills. A Filipino thug who never had any martial arts training would have knocked this so called master, faster. So, lame...