The Youth Olympic Gold Medalist 2018 may change her nationality to represent another country

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When there is no way but to change your nationality and represent a new country The article today will touch a dark side in the relation between Taekwondo Unions and the Taekwondo athletes. The question here is why some Taekwondo national teams destroy their athletes? Well, Involving politics in Taekwondo and small conflicts between coaches and Unions can have dramatic effects on athletes, therefore, the athletes would be smashed easily because they are are the weakest element in this equation. Today our guest in this article is named fatima Zahrae Abu Fares who is a student of Abdenbi Saoudi, She is only 19 years old and training in a small city in Morocco called Fkih Ben Saleh, and she represented the Moroccan Taekwondo National Team and who won a gold medal during the Youth Olympic games, won two gold medals at the African championships, A gold medal during the Arab Games.
The Moroccan young champion was neglected by the Moroccan Taekwondo Union that took from her the ''deserved'' right to fight for her card to compete in the Olympics, which is not fair at all, especially that Fatima Zahrae proved that she is a good Taekwondo fighter and deserves to fight for the Moroccan flag, and who knows? maybe she may succeed to bring her country an Olympic medal. Tkdkwan talked to the Champion fatima Zahare Abu Fares, and we asked her if she has any personal issue with the Moroccan Union of Taekwondo but she said that she has no issues with them, and she said that three members of the Moroccan Taekwondo Union were behind kicking her out the National Team. We asked her about the names and she answered on her own responsibility, that the president of the Moroccan Union Idris El Hilali, the national coach the French David and the technical director Phillipe Buedo were behind all this. We hope that they can give any explanation about this. According to Abu Fares, there are issues happening between the Union and her coach, and when we say issues, we do not mean that he did something bad or wrong, It sometimes mean that you may be in trouble if you do not agree about everything they say or do. It is honestly sad that some officials would always love to see people following them and agreeing about anything. Some Taekwondo Unions around the world are like small dictatorships that believe that only one person has the right to create rules and the others should listen and obey. Abu Fares had a dream to offer her country more medals during the international Taekwondo events, unfortunately her dreams were smashed quickly. She waited so long and was hopeful but nothing changed :( For this reason she decided to look for another chance somewhere else far away from her homeland, and she is hoping to represent a new country that would appreciate her efforts. We still do not know if there is yet any country that would adopt this skillful Taekwondo athlete but we do believe that taking care of such a person would be a winning project.
 We do know that there are other athletes who had the same experience or even worst, and we would support them unconditionally.
This short video from Fatima Ezzahra Abu Fares talking about her carrer (To be subtitled soon) 

 Good luck Fatima Zahrae Abu Fares. 
 Aditor Hamael