Virtual Taekwondo created

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 The last 20 years was full of changes in Taekwondo, especially after being adopted as an Olympic sport, and the more changes they do, the more weaker versions we see. Most people who were born with the new style of Taekwondo may think that the Korean fighting style has become better, but the old generation Taekwondo practitioners think that a serious damage has happened to their martial art.

The WT is on its way to turn Taekwondo fighters into play station fighters by creating this game.

With the help of technology, the WTF is planning to start virtual Taekwondo where fighters can score points with no contact, and also female athletes can fight against male fighters.

The new Olympic Taekwondo style is already considered as one of the light contact fighting sports, and with this technology fighters should not be afraid to be kicked or punched.

The positive part of this technology is that it can be fun and can be a fitness exercise but in the other side it can not be promoting Taekwondo as a martial art.

With so many critics for the World Taekwondo Federation, we still can see so many changes coming up like mushroom.

The WT (F) said that they have a dream that Virtual sports would be adopted as a medal event in the  Olympic games 2028 in Los Angeles

Michael Chng, the CEO of refract Technologies said that they hope the can create a bridge between games and sports.

This games will of source be an important source of money for the WTF, because this technology wont be for free, and only wealthy people will be able to get it.

Taekwondo is becoming more and more expensive, and the days when poor people were able to compete with nothing are over.

What do you think about this? Do you think that virtual Taekwondo will be a good thing for Taekwondo?

Feel free to share your thought and opinions with us.