Kickboxing will be an Olympic Game

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Kickboxing is a very tough full contact martial art originally founded in the 1960s in Japan and started in the 1970s in the United States. 

This fighting is style is a combination between boxing and kicks, this is one of the reason we see many karate and Taekwondo athletes move to kickboxing and most of them become successful in it.

Our article today will make kickboxing family happy or lets say the majority maybe :)

Kickboxing is on the way to become an Olympic sport :)

Some kickboxers would be very happy about this interesting news, and I know that some wont like that, and the reasons are so clear for us as Taekwondo practitioners, and we can see the new image of Taekwondo after being adopted as an Olympic game.

Most Taekwondo practitioners and fighters agree that Taekwondo competition became softer compared to old days, and this huge changes happened because it simply became Olympic and they wanted it to remain Olympic.

We do expect the same thing to happen to kickboxing when it becomes officially Olympic.

So let's get to the news:

''At a duly convened IOC Executive Board meeting 10 June, IOC (International Olympic Committee)  accepted and ratified the application from World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, WAKO to become fully recognized. Since 30 November 2018, WAKO have been provisionally recognized and WAKO have since then worked diligently, strategically and with a targeted development profile to improve  the organization and the sport itself always focusing on positive outputs .

As a result of the endeavor, IOC granted WAKO a fully recognized member of the Olympic family of sport. The full recognition will need to be ratified by the IOC Session in Tokyo in July'' READ MORE FROM THE SOURCE

What are your thoughts about this? Would kickboxing change just to be an Olympic game?