The tragic story of Prichard Colon

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 The article today is about one of the most tragic and terrific fights of boxing, and these kind of accidents really make boxing so scary, they call it the noble art, but if we check the number of accidents and tragic events that happened during the history of boxing, we would find so many.

Boxing is considered as the most strongest full contact martial arts, and even though boxers are wearing gloves on the ring but the danger is there no matter how thick the gloves are.

 Prichard Colón Meléndez is a young boxer aged of 28 years now (born September 19, 1992), his nickname is the Digget. he turned pro boxer at the age of 21 in 2013.

He has an interesting record in boxing, He did 17 fights, he won 16 of them  (13 by knockout) and lost his last fight on the ring against Terrel Williams on October 17, 2015.

The last fight against Terrel was a tragic one, they fought for 9 rounds and they both were penalized, Colon was penalized for a low blow while Terrel was penalized for hitting the back of the head.

Those attacks to the back of the head probably were responsible about Colon brain bleeding. Colon later went into a coma that lasted 221 days.

Prichard Colon is a fighter and an example of indomitable spirit.

lately there was a video on the social media where Colon was celebrating his birthday and making effort to blow out the candles, and it was emotionally very touching.

We just hope that Colon would get back some of his abilities as soon as possible.