This Jeet kune Do guy tried to teach a Wing Chun Sifu a lesson, but the end was ugly

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Our hero today is a Jeet Kune Do practitioner who tried to challenge a master of Wing Chun in a bad way. This kid visited the training place of this Wing Chun master called Rahsun Herkul and was watching the class when the master was training with one of his students, but after sometime he started commenting on what the master was doing, and said that ''The groin is real open''. The Wing Chun noticed those comments and he asked the JKD guy to come and show him. The Wing Chun master let him explain to him what he thinks it is correct :) I am sure many of you masters have experienced this before, when someone younger than your martial arts uniform tries to teach you and correct you. 
Back to our topic, and to be honest this Wing Chun was respectful in the beginning and gave him the chance to show his opinion which says a lot about him. The JKD kid went too far, maybe he thought he was Bruce Lee himself, which changed the mood of the Wing Chun master, and things got more physical between the two. The techniques that the JKD kid was explaining just disappeared when the WC master started beating him up. The act of the Jeet Kune Do is not saluted at all, and he should go learn respect before martial arts. Honestly, who would accept someone to come to your school and Kingdome and try to correct you in front of your students? For sure no one like that a strange person comes to your place to teach you a lesson, and everyone would react differently, but mostly it wont be a good end. It is sad that many martial arts practitioners learn few techniques and think they see themselves experts in martial arts. What do you think about this?? and how would you react if something like that happened to you in your dojang? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us .