Finally the Kukkiwon is planning to promote a strong Taekwondo sparring :)

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On the way to create a stronger version of Taekwondo, the new Kukkiwon president is leading a team to promote a strong Taekwondo!

Few days ago, one of the Taekwondo masters posted an article about the Kukkiwon intentions to create a Kukkiwon form of sparring that would be different than the WT Kyorugi.

We could not take it seriously because it was not an official source of information, especially that non of the other Kukkiwon master talked about it.

We have contacted someone who works for the Kukkiwon and we do prefer not to mention his name, This person confirmed that the President of the Kukkiwon is leading a team in this matter of promoting a strong Taekwondo.

For that reason my personal explanation was that the Kukkiwon is teasing the community and wanted to know the reaction first before moving to action.

This reminds us about the WT new uniforms that the World Taekwondo Federation introduced in  2013 to be used in sparring, and the reaction of the practitioners around the world was extremely terrible, because most hated that design. The good thing about that negative reaction was that the WT slowed down the process of adopting the new uniform and also pushed the WTF (WT) to make new changes on their uniform, but still the last design is not liked by many.

back to the Kukkiwon :)

Let's  ask this simple question, what would motivate the Kukkiwon to think about creating another form of Kyorugi?

The short answer is that the Kukkiwon is not satisfied about the way that the World Taekwondo Federation (WT/WTF) is ruling Taekwondo sparring and competition, and about the extreme changes that changed the image of Taekwondo as a  martial art.

The WT has dramatically changed Taekwondo into a pure sport that is utilizing kicks to score points, and we all know that martial arts kicks were not created for that reason, and most importantly is that those kicks that you use to score and make you a world champion, wont help you to defend your self if you were in a real situation.

Working on the plan of creating a strong form of sparring different than the one we see now as the Olympic style would cause a real tension between the two Taekwondo organizations, The world Taekwondo Academy (Kukkiwon) and the World Taekwondo Federation (WT).

In April 2020, We posted an article titled by ''What if the kukkiwon take over ruling the competition in Taekwondo instead of the WT'', and we were simply wondering how Taekwondo would look like if the Kukkiwon was in charge of the sparring in Taekwondo.

The Kukkiwon president GM Lee Dong Sup was really brave to bring this plan to reality, because it is can shake the relation between the Kukkiwon and the WT.

Most of Taekwondo practitioners would like to see the traditional form of Taekwondo Kyorugi again, this is why millions would be happy to see something happening in this matter :)

What do you guys think about the Kukkiwon plan? Are we getting our traditional Taekwondo Kyorugi back?

This is how Taekwondo Kyorugi looked like in the World Championships in 1985.


  1. I welcome the old taekwondo is rubbish

  2. When the general reaction to the word Taekwondo is often "good kicks but useless" it shows it is time to do something to change that perception.

  3. When the general reaction to the word Taekwondo is often "good kicks but useless" it shows it is time to do something to change that perception.

  4. Stari taekwondo - reprezentativni taekwondo, vještina, način života, do-put.

  5. I'm definitely ready to see it

  6. Ive always said the sparring is to points based