what if the Kukkiwon take over ruling the competition in Taekwondo instead of WT?

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Before we talk about the topic of today, we would like to make sure you understand that the main objective of writing this article is based about the love i do have towards Taekwondo, and the idea discusses what would be better for the future the competition in our martial art.

So our question is as follow:What if the kukkiwon takes over the responsibility to manage the competition in Taekwondo?
the world Taekwondo Academy (Kukkiwon) was founded in November 30, 1972, while the World Taekwondo Federation was established 6 months later on May 28, 1973.

in the beginning of Taekwondo , the competition was more traditional and a bit much closer to karate and ITF style, but the major changes started to occur to Taekwondo Kyorugi after it was adopted officially as an Olympic sport in 2000, we should not forget that the WT did a good job before that.
in these last 20 years Taekwondo style of sparring and of course of training was changing so fast, and we are really afraid that taekwodo is changing to become something else rather than being just taekwondo.

Many people do not really know what the responsible organization about it, Kukkiwon or WTF (which became WT).
the WT is the one ruling the Taekwondo competition, including scoring system, competition uniform, dates of events... while the kukkiwon is on the back seat teaching the basics of Taekwondo.
Kukkiwon technically is a traditional organization that focus more on teaching the spirit of Taekwondo. we do not mean that Kukkiwon is a palace of angels but the important thing is that this organization is doing good to taekwondo with reservation on few points.

if we take a look on Kukkiwon history we would see clearly that most of its activities and events are focusing on saving the tradition of taekwondo, such as the hanmadang festival and also the master international course.
the big issue is that the World Taekwondo is taking the Korean art and cram it into sports, which gives an incomplete image of a real martial art.
Taekwondo needs to get its tradition back, and probably the Kukkiwon can play the big role to do a retroactively change to it.
Many Taekwondo enthusiasts would prefer to see Taekwondo sparring as it was during the old gold days, but it is almost an impossible mission right now.


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  1. Me personally
    Would Love to see the “old school tkd “
    The late 70’s were nice the 80’s nicer (evolving) early 90’s still good but after that. I want it to be more Traditional TKD . Traditional TKD should be challenging , not what what ware seeing now

  2. Until the KKW can stop giving away 9th Dans to corrupt authoritarian politicians (Trump/Putin) they shouldn't be in charge of anything.

    1. That’s honorary 9th Dan. Stupid remark.

  3. The taekwondo in this generation it become Fencing side by side slide forward slide backward one leg up ..very poor thats the reason many taekwondo player when they get trouble in street fight they die..