The UFC Fighter Who Robbed a Bank for $90 Million

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Lee Brahim Murray-Lamrani (born 12 November 1977 in Greenwich, London) is a Moroccan-English career criminal, drug dealer, convicted bank robber and former mixed martial arts fighter. In 2005, his promising career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship was cut short, after he was stabbed multiple times in a Mayfair nightclub at reality star Lauren Pope's birthday party.
He was arrested in Rabat, Morocco in June 2006 and sentenced to 10 years in jail in June 2010, for masterminding the armed Securitas depot robbery in Kent, UK where over $92 million (£53,116,760) of cash bank notes belonging to the Bank of England were stolen by Murray and his associates on 22 February 2006.
It was the largest known cash robbery in the world during peacetime
     After a foiled attempt to escape prison and a failed appeal, his jail term was extended to 25 years on 30 November 2010. He is currently being held at a prison in Tifelt, north western Morocco and despite being incarcerated fathered a child from prison in 2010.
In 2018, Murray in an interview stated he was training to fight in prison, and still planned a UFC comeback, with the hope of securing a pardon from King Mohammed VI of Morocco.