The situation of Taekwondo masters during COVID-19

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Taekwondo masters and studios owners are suffering financially during this tough period due to Corona virus, and maybe this is the first time ever that a virus affects the sports business everywhere in all the World.
lets go to the main topic of this post.
We are all one Taekwondo family and anything affecting masters would directly affect the students.

Most of taekwondo masters do have only one job which is instructing and get paid in return, but with this crisis we can simply say that masters are in jobless.
so what is your mission as a student towards your masters?
If you are financially good enough to help others, you should check if your master situation is okay or not, and you should be there for them if they need your help.

Here are few suggestions that could be a way to support your masters:
- With other students you can collect some money to pay the rent of your master dojang, this way you would save your dojangs from a permanent closure.
you can do that through many ways including some internet websites that help people to collect money for good reasons.
- Some masters are offering online lessons to their students through many applications. it would be good if you can pay your master for these classes to help them overcome the corona virus period.

 Your financial help will not only keep your dojang open in the future but also will raise the sense of solidarity in your taekwondo community.
please let us know what do you think about these suggestions, and we will be glad to hear your ideas and thoughts.

                                       Master S. Elf