Not like father like son!

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 Not like father like son!

This is how we can describe the relation between Jackie Chan and his son.

The Chinese martial arts icon Jackie Chan started his journey in martial arts since eighties and worked so hard to earn millions of fans around the world and also millions of Dollars. 

Jackie Chan was and still a good actor and singer and had many films and also music albums.

In the other hand, the son Jaycee Chan (born in 1984) is completely the opposite of his successful father Jackie Chan.

He traveled to Hong Kong in 2003 and tried to have a career in music but he was not successful in that, and even if he gave up his American nationality and he got the Hong Kong nationality but he did not succeed to attract the Chinese audience.

later he started to do Movies and also he could not do any good job too, 

The cause of all this started when Jaycee was a kid, and I personally think that his parents are responsible about this, because they spoiled him too much, and in his teenage years he was spending made had and wasting a lot of his father's money, which had a big effect on Jackie Chan's decision to give money to charity instead of his son who would waste them in nothing.

 Jaycee Chan later would leave the college and move to Hong Kong.

He was charged of drug possession which did lead to arrest him with one of his friends, after the police found drugs in his apartment.

It is really disappointing for Jackie Chan that his son did not succeed to have a good career in cinema or movies, and the worst is that he could not avoid trouble.

After being released from the jail in 2015 the son of Jackie Chan went back to the united states and kept a low profile.

It is also sad that the Chinese movies directors do not want to work with him because of his bad behavior and scandals.