This man tried to rob Polyana Viana and he got a painful lesson

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The main reason behind founding martial arts was self defense and was used later in most old militaries, but nowadays martial arts are used for other purposes including the physical fitness.

Most fighting styles are practiced and organized by many rules, which limits the training in the used techniques in sparring and competitions, While many effective techniques are neglected.

Some martial arts became pure sports which means that we can not talk about martial art spirit anymore.

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a new competition compared to most martial arts, and as its name says, It is a collection of different styles in one, You can find Boxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, BJJ...

The article of today is about an incident that happened to a pro female MMA champion.

A robber tried to steal a phone of the MMA female pro fighter Polyana Viana :)

The poor robber did not know that he was doing the worst mistake ever, and he got a lesson that he will remember forever. The beautiful Polyana applied the mixed martial arts techniques on him.

She punished him for trying to steal her phone, and she called the police to get him. The robber begged her to let him go but it did not work :)

She did well to call the police because he should be punished for his acts.

For those who do not know Polyana, let's make a small introduction :)

Polyana Viana Mota is a Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts fighter, born 14 June 1992, She will be 29 years old next month. Her other name is Dama de Ferro (Iron Lady).

She is not a heavy fighter, she is only 52 kg and her height is 165 cm.

She has a record of 16 pro Mixed Martial Arts fights, She won 12 fights (4 knockouts, 8 submission), 4 losses (1 submission, 3 decision)

Let's check out the story :)