What do you think about the level of these black belts?

11:06:00 AM Tkd kwan 5 Comments

Black belt is a very high level in all martial arts, but it is always people that can show a good image or a bad one to their martial art.
We can see many martial artists or lets say people who practice these arts holding black belts and  impressive degrees, but their technical level is a real shame.

in this video we do not mean to make fun of these people here but to make people aware where and from whom they learn martial arts.
these black belts on this video are far away from both Taekwondo and also Karate.
let us what do you what do you think about this performance?


  1. Some people run their martial art school like a puppy mill, it is all about making money and has nothing to do with improving the breed

  2. I've seen toddlers with more technical ability

  3. It's a fucking shame. Bruce Lee is rolling in his grave

  4. Not sure this is real. Probably some form of mock drama