Online poomsae Championships

9:43:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

This pandemic virus cause many changes for all martial arts and sports, and some Taekwondo National unions started some online projects  to help Taekwondo community to overcome this tough period. 

Some unions are organizing poomsae championships online, which is a good support for the athletes during these quarantine days, and of course there is a big difference between the digital competition and the real thing, but for sure it is much better than than nothing.
This could be a good message from the unions that we are all together one united family.
most athletes are practicing only at home, and this would have a noticeable negative effect on their performance, simply because everything changed, including  the training place, partners, training accessories, nutrition ... 

the online competition would face few problems, including the high definition of the videos and also there would be only one angle for the performance, which does not give the full picture.

will the results be officially considered by the World Taekwondo Federation as in normal Championships?

what do you think about this kind of these activities, feel free to share your opinions.