Jason Statham from a National Team Diver to a martial arts and action actor

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The English actor Jason Statham is well known for his roles in action movies, and also for doing martial arts choreographs in most of his movies.
Statham did a lot of successful movies such as Transporter trilogy, The Italian Job, The Mechanic, the Expendables and 
a lot of others.
He has a lot of fans and followers who like his work around the world.  
Jason's fighting style is different than the traditional martial arts movies where you can see a lot of fiction and people flying :), His movies choreographs are a bit real and acceptable for the martial arts audience.
What most fans do not really know is that Jason Statham was a professional high level athlete. Jason was a national team diver representing his country England, He has competed in national and international competitions including the Commonwealth Games in 1990, He was competing in one meter, three meters and ten meters.
After this diving carrier he was hired as a model to advertise for some international brands.
Joining the cinema was a bit late compared to most actors who join too young.
 Statham joined the film industry at the age of thirty one years old in 1998, and he starred in the movie ''Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'' and was paid only around  7.000,00 US$, which is not much for an actor, but the important thing at the time was getting some good attention in the cinema world.
We do not know much about his journey in martial arts, and what we know is that he started practicing Kung Fu and Karate as a young kid, but we do not know if he holds any Dan or black belts in different martial arts.
Jason Statham is also practicing Brazilian Jujitsu under Renzo Gracie and he holds currently the purple belt.
No matter his rank in martial arts.
Here is a video of Jason Statham during a diving competition.