Taekwondo Kyukpa

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Taekwondo breaking (Kyukpa)
Breaking is a very important component in Taekwondo as 
a martial art.
The Korean term that we are using for breaking in Taekwondo is Kyukpa.
Practicing Kyukpa in Taekwondo training is a good way to evaluate our concentration level, speed, precision and power.
Kyukpa can be devided into two branches or parts:
First branch focuses on the object that would be broken, and it can be a piece of wood, a brick, ice and so on.
In this branch of kyukpa the main objective is to evaluate the power of the student, and most schools are using only wood or the re-breakable board made in plastic.
The power kyukpa started to disappear in Taekwondo schools and most of them focus more on sparring and others on poomsae competitions.
This can be a sign that the new version of Taekwondo is getting softer a year after a year.
The traditional Taekwondo was considering the power kyukpa one of the most important parts of the belt promotion tests, and it was also a way to evaluate the fighter abilities.
This type of kyukpa can cause injury if it was performed incorrectly or missing the right spot.

The second part focuses on the used technique more than the broken object, and this kyukpa the object most of the time can be a thin piece of board or something easy to break.
The evaluation in this kyukpa is based on the technique its self, such as kicking the highest level possibles, jumping over a group of people, using an acrobatic techniques ...

Here is a small video of kyukpa performed by one of the most famous Taekwondo Kyorugi coaches, and the former Germany national team coach.
Master Aziz Acharki is a world Taekwondo champion and European champion many times, and still active as a successful international kyorugi coach.
He is performing an excellent back kick (Dwit chagi) kyukpa, let's watch :)