The legendary Buwakaw knocked out for the first one time in his history

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The article of today is about an amazing Muay Thai fight between the legendary fighter of Thailand Buakaw and the Japanese champion Yoshihiro sato.
Everyone practicing Kick Boxing or Muai Thai knows the legendary Thailand iron fighter Buakaw, He is a very impressive fighter who has amazing skills and we can say that he is always a winner and it is a surprise if he loses a fight. Buakaw is a master in his homeland martial art, as he started his journey in fighting too young at the age of eight, and this is a big deal to fight in Muai Thai as a child, and we do know that most parents pick softer martial arts for their kids to avoid any serious injuries.
Buakaw was born in Mai 8, 1982 in Thailand, He fought in Thailand tournaments and won many titles, and he won the Toyota Marathon tournament in 2012 when he beat the Japanese fighter Satoshi Kobayashi at the finals.
The legendary Thailand fighter has a very impressive record compared to any other fighter, He won 239 fights and 73 of them by technical knock out, and lost 24 fights, with 12 draws.

In the other hand we have the Japanese fighter Sato Yoshihiro who is one year younger than Buwakaw, he was born January 25, 1981 in japan.
Sato started training Kickboxing too late compared to Buwakaw, He started training at the age of 13 in 1994.
His fighting record is also good but we can not compare it with the one of the Thailand fighter.
sato won 54 fights including 20 technical knockouts and 32 decisions, and he lost 25 fights and one draw.
sato lost aginst Buakaw twice, and one of them was by knock out (Left hook).
but the third fight between the two fighters was a big surprise when Yoshihiro Sato succeeded to knock out Buwakaw by a right hook.
Lets watch this fight and feel free to share your opinions.