Martial arts self knockout

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The normal thing in martial arts society is when a fighter got knocked out by another fighter, and most of you never heard about self knockout :)
the self knock out is when the fighter does an action that knocks him out :)
This is what happened in a mixed martial arts fight between Gary Maynard and Rob Emerson.
Let's introduce both fighters briefly :)
Gary Maynard as born May 9, 1979, and he was aged of 37 years old during that fight, He holds a respectful record in the mixed martial arts championships, he did 22 fights (13 wins, 7 losses, 1 draw and 1 no contest).
While Rob Emerson is two years younger than Gary and he was 35 years old at the time when they both had the fight. Rob also has a respectful record in mixed martial arts competition, He did 36 fights (20 wins, 15 losses, 1 no contest)
Gray was knocked out 5 times during his carrier while Rob never been knocked out but lost three fights by submission.
let's go back to the fight :)
During the second round Gray Maynard took the initiative and attacked Rob, lift him up and then boom, Gary hit his head on the ground.
The referee went to check Rob who was knocked down, but he did not pay attention that Gray was already asleep because of that strong shock he got to his head and this fight ended up in NO CONTEST.
We are not sure why Gray maynard was not happy when the referee's decision was declaring the fight in no contest :)
How could he be a winner and he was asleep when Rob was on the ground?
This is one of the most strangest fights in all martial arts, because it ended up by a double knockout and a knock down, this does not happen :) and we may post about double knockouts in one of the next articles.