Taekwondo effectiveness

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The challenge between martial arts is not a new thing, and every style practitioners would love to look better than others, and the best way to prove that  is through sparring, but organizing a fight between two different fighting styles would be a bit difficult for one reason, and the main question will be about the rules that would be applied in that fight, and also the referee who will judge it. The solution here is to fight under one style rules or mixing the two.
This was an issue before founding the mixed martial arts competition.
The MMA is attracting fighters from different martial arts, even from wrestling sports such as Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo... and the rules are applied on all fighters.
We have posted videos about fights between Taekwondo and different martial arts under the mixed martial arts rules, and sometimes Taekwondo can do good but sometimes not.
It is kind challenging to fight under the rules of your opponent's style, because it is not simply your style.
the fight we would want to talk about in this article could be the most shameful fight between Taekwondo and other style.
Taekwondo fighter is fighting against a Kick Boxing fighter, and our guy here was like a kicking bag, and he was fighting to survive while the kick boxing was punishing him on the ring.
Taekwondo fighter did not seem to be prepared for this drama, and it looks like he was there to be kicked.
Fortunately the towel thrown by his coach saved him, which was the best thing to do  to avoid any terrible knock out.
We are not here to blame him only because not all Taekwondo schools are teaching the real Taekwondo.
Wearing his Taekwondo Dobok and his black belt on that ring was not the best advertisement that the Korean martial art deserves.
Please watch this fight and let us know what do you think about this fight, and if Taekwondo fighters should accept those challenges if they were not ready.