Jackie Chan vs Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon

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       The super star Jackie Chan was too young when the legendary icon Bruce Lee was active in the film industry.
Jackie is 14 years younger than Lee, that is why most people in martial arts audience do not know that Jackie Chan really worked for Bruce Lee :)
The fact is that Jackie Chan worked as a stuntman in two of Lee's movies, one of them is Enter The Dragon and the other film was Fist of Fury and both were made in 1972.
The filming of Enter the Dragon was only one year before Bruce Lee passed away, and Jackie Chan at the time was only 18 years old.
Jackie appeared in the movie with the guards who were attacking Bruce Lee.
There was a scene when Jackie Chan attacked Lee from the back and grabbed him, Bruce Lee used a backward elbow to hit Jackie on his stomach
then later catch his hair...i think you would know now who was Jackie Chan in the movie Enter The Dragon :)
Jackie Chan was impressed by his idol Bruce Lee, and he talked very good about him years later. He loved the way Bruce Lee was treating the stuntmen working with him, and Jackie said that Lee was eating with them and chatting with them, and he was even helping to pay their bills if they were injured.
Jackie Chan had a small incident when filming with Bruce Lee, and the smart Jackie used that incident to get closer to Bruce Lee.
In that incident Bruce Lee hit Jackie Chan by a stick on his face by accident, and Bruce Lee run to him to check if he is okay, from that moment Jackie was pretending to be injured just to have the attention of Bruce Lee :)
I am sure most of you would do that if you ever had the chance to work with the legendary Bruce Lee :)
In the film Fist of Fury Jackie Chan also worked as a Japanese fighter against Bruce Lee.
Here is the video showing Jackie Chan scene with Bruce Lee.