The martial artist world Champion who became the President of Mongolia

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 Only few high level athletes can find a way to politics after their retirement from sports, and it is quite a hard decision to go to politics, because the athlete can lose love and admiration of his country people, if they failed to be a good leader.
There are athletes who become leaders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who won many titles in master Olympia of bodybuilding and who became the senator of California.
In martial arts, Vladimir Putin was elected as a president of Russia was a Judo practitioner, and he is still showing off some skills.
Our  guest in this article is a tough martial artist who practiced Sambo and Judo.
khaltmaagiin Battulga was born in 1963 in Mongolia and was lucky to grew up in a traditional Mongolian wrestling environment  because his father was a wrestling coach.
Battulga is a former elite athlete who won a gold medal (- 52 kg) in the World Sambo Championships  held in Kiev 1983, a silver medal in Saint- Jean de Luz (1986) and another silver in Moscow in 1990 (- 57 kg).
besides Sambo, Battulga has good skills in two other martial arts which are the Mongolian traditional wrestling and Judo.
Battulga was elected as a Chairman of the Mongolian Judo Federation, and because of his touch the Judo national team became Olympic champion for the first time in their history.
In 2017, khaltmaagiin Battulga was elected as a president of Mongolia.
Even at the age of 57, Battulga is still a tough guy and physically good  compared to people his age or even younger.
We are not going to talk about his politics and leadership in our article, but the important thing to mention is how sports and martial arts can make people loved and admired.
Maybe in the next posts we may talk about other elite athletes who succeeded to become leaders, and if you have any suggestions let us know, and we would think to write about it.
We find a video with a funny title describing him as the most dangerous president in the world :)
You can watch the video here.