The fastest knockout in the history of women boxing

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 Seniesa Estrada made history in female boxing, after recording the fastest knockout in the history of female boxing. This fight was between Seniesa Estrada aged 28 years old and Miranda Adkins who 42 years old. Seniesa Estrada performed seven punches towards Miranda's head and body in a very short time of seven seconds. This makes Seniesa a holder of the fastest knock out in all history of female boxing, but the fastest knockout in both male and female divisions was recorded by the male boxer Mike Collins when he knocked out Pat Brownson in four seconds only in 1947.

Seniesa Estrada is a very impressive female boxer, He has a record of 19 fights, she won all of them and eight by a knockout. Wow!! This is so impressive to lose no fight in nine years. She was born June 26, 1992, and  originally Mexican, and it seems that Mexicans have the genetics of fighters. She started boxing at the age of eight, and she did her first professional fight at the age of nineteen (May 13, 2011) and won against the American Maria Ruis. Nine years of a good experience was enough to reach this great level.

When the fight started, Miranda did not have really time to analyse Seniesa boxing style, and she received three punches, then four more punches that knocked her out. There are few facts that we should not ignore in this fight, including the first factor which is the age difference between the two boxers, knowing that Miranda turned 43 years old after four days from the fight, which is fifteen years of difference, that is too much honestly.

Another thing is that Miranda had only five professional fights before meeting Seniesa on July 24, 2020. Miranda started her professional journey late compared to Seniesa, her first pro fight was in 2018. He won her five pro fights by technical knockout, which is great of course, but everything changed when she met Seniesa.

The experience in boxing or some other sports or martial arts can decrease the effect of the age on athletes, unfortunately Mirana did not have enough pro experience which made things go worst for her.

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