Korean master protest against skip Dan promotion tests

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Pictures from YouTube video

This Taekwondo korean master is protesting against the special promotion tests made by Kukkiwon. 

We can see him here pretending to be willing to test for the next Dan, then he shocked them by taking off his dobok, then some of the Kukkiwon staff tried to stop him. 
Special promotion tests means that masters are allowed to skip one belt  and move to the next Dan, it is kind of testing for two belts instead of one. 

Pictures from YouTube video

Many grand masters were against it, and they have organized many protestations to show their opinions against it. 

It is true that some people are training but they do not do the tests and keep the same Dan for a long time, while there are other masters who left Taekwondo and stopped practicing it, and they woke up after they heard they can skip the Dan. 
Let's be honnest, this skip Dan thing is not good for Taekwondo as a martial art, and it is making masters focus on their certificates more than what they really can do. 
Let's watch the video 


  1. True! Specially for those who have money! Me I’ve been into taekwondo from 1998 but still I have 1st Dan in Kukkiwon till now. I’ve been teaching Taekwondo for very long time but, just last year get my 1st Dan because just last year I’ve get extra money for my promotion.

  2. Enter your comment...Can ITF Taekwon-do fighter use knees and elbows in ITF tournaments? Do they teach application of elbow and knee strikes in ITF ? Which of the nine Kwans of tkd does ITF Tkd belongs ?

    1. I don't know what your question is to do with this article but, no (they don't use them in competition), Yes they do (check out coloured belt patterns such as Joon Gun tul (test to 3rd kup)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBMXzIt1NFU and Toi Gye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAbkyR6i5_g

      Chang Hon TKD (ITF style) was connected to Oh Do Kwan.

    2. No the ITF does not allow knee or elbow strikes in competition.

  3. I am sorry, I left TKD because the hole test system is a joke. 99% of Dojos provide a Black Belt to anyone who practice for 4 years regardless of age and in some cases skill. I have earned a Black Belt in Judo and Brown Belt in Jujitsu. You only get promoted when you are ready. There is no time alocation. That's exactly why TKD dojo are called McBelt Factories.

  4. Not all though, I've been to both terrible and good schools om Norway. I get your point, but some actually follow the traditional way with hard work, instead of the "here's your money, where's my belt" mentality. I could have promoted for my 3rd Dan last summer, but skipped it since I lacked training due to Covid, and my Master agreed since we follow quality over quantity. BUt yes, back to your pont. I DO agree with you, to some extent.