Interview with the bad guy of ''the best of the best '' movie 😉

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The old Taekwondo generation have good memories with this old movie. 
This post is about Simon Rhee who played the role of bad guy in the best of the best against his brother Philip Rhee. 
Simon Rhee , actually Minhi Y. Rhee (born October 28, 1957 in San Jose , USA ) is an American actor , stuntman and stunt coordinator.
Simon Rhee's real name is Minhi Y.

Rhee and he is especially known for his martial arts . He has a younger brother ( Phillip Rhee ), who works as a film director , film producer , screenwriter and also as an actor. Like his brother, he began to learn martial arts at an early age, such as taekwondo and hapkido . As a result, he earned many titles and began to play in films together with his brother (Best of the Best 1 and 2). Later he got acting roles for Lethal Weapon 4 , The Italian Job - Hunting for Millions , andNumbers - The logic of the crime .

Simon Rhee lives with his wife in Woodland Hills and has two sons. He owns a Taekwondo Center "Simon Rhee Tae Kwon Do" at Woodland Hills.

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