Fighting after a Fibular fracture early in the first round

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UFC fighter Ryan Benoit was badly injured during his recent match with Zarrukh Adashev. After being transported to the hospital, Benoit shared a photo of his bruised and swollen left leg. His fibular head was fractured during the fight, leading to concerns about possible compartment syndrome and resulting in an overnight stay in the hospital under observation. His injury comes just a month after Conor McGregor's leg fracture at UFC 264. Benoit's management team confirmed the severity of the injury and the management of the swelling in his leg, which was also a concern for doctors.

- The fibular head is the bony prominence at the top of the fibula bone, which is the smaller of the two bones in the lower leg.

- Fibular head fractures are relatively rare, accounting for only 3-10% of all proximal fibular fractures.

- These fractures are commonly caused by direct trauma to the outside of the knee, such as in sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents. 

- Symptoms of a fibular head fracture may include pain, swelling, and difficulty bearing weight on the affected leg. 

- Diagnosis is typically made through physical examination, X-rays, and possibly MRI or CT scans to evaluate the extent of the injury.

- Treatment for fibular head fractures may include rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE), as well as immobilization with a splint or brace, and in some cases surgery may be necessary. 

- Recovery time can vary depending on the severity of the fracture, but most people can expect to return to normal activities within 6-8 weeks. 

- Complications of fibular head fractures can include instability of the knee joint, damage to the surrounding ligaments and nerves, and development of arthritis in the joint. Physical therapy may be necessary to regain strength and flexibility in the affected leg.

- It's important to follow a doctor's recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation in order to achieve the best possible outcome after a fibular head fracture.