Valerie Loureda from Taekwondo to MMA then to WWE

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Valerie Loureda, a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, is making waves in the sports world. Born in Miami, Florida, on July 19, 1998, Loureda hails from a family with a deep martial arts tradition. Starting at the age of three, she has been involved in martial arts. Her father Master Frank Loureda, a Grand Master 8th-degree black belt, has been a guiding force in her journey. Several national titles followed her competitive start at six years old. She was a Taekwondo Master, earning a 4th-degree black belt against harsh adversity, inspiring her dreams of becoming an Olympian one day.

Her breakthrough came in mixed martial arts as she joined Bellator MMA. Her debut match at Bellator 216 in 2019 was successful, and she continued to win in several decisive bouts, displaying her skills that eventually led her to global recognition.

In 2022, Loureda got a chance to be a part of the WWE, and the moniker Lola Vice was bestowed upon her. She made her televised debut on the January 27, 2023, episode of NXT Level Up. Since then Loureda/Vice has been a key figure on the NXT platform. She reflects a very personalized image of Miami's colorful history, making it fundamental to her new wrestling persona.

Vice felt compelled to tie her wrestling character's name to her roots in Miami. The WWE's first-ever Cuban-American signing's inspiration is the '80s crime drama series "Miami Vice," which served as a driving force behind her ring name choice. Vice knows that she is not only representing herself in WWE but also her roots and the vibrant Miami atmosphere.

“The whole inspiration for my wrestling persona is the 'Miami Vice' series from back in the 80s. That's how I was able to come up with Vice as part of my ring name. The pink and the blue, those are my colors. I stay true to that every match because I want to establish it and also bring Miami to the map because Miami is a place where everyone wants to vacation but that's where I live. I truly know the way it is there, and I'm representing that well in the ring," Vice says. 

Her future looks promising, and fans are excited to see Vice continue to make an impact in the wrestling world. Keep your eye out for Valerie Loureda, better known in WWE as Lola Vice. Her journey promises a fantastic future as she continues to rise in the sports entertainment world.